Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage Fashion Show

There's nothing like dress up on a rainy day...
in the Adventures of Shimmer & Lace, we head to a vintage store to create funky, fresh, and fun outfits.

Check out what we put together at the Closet Chic in Honolulu.

Shell Picking

Shell picking is totally an Adventure for Shimmer & Lace

From the North Shore, to the East Side and all over the world!

We LOVE shells!

Catch us out dancing!

Catch us out dancing, and send us the pic!



These are a few of our favorite things...

Show The Love

One day we decided to go on a little adventure.
Our mission was to brighten up our friends live with some flowers.
So we decided to pick some flowers,
and hand deliver them.

Be on the look out, because we might show up at your door step :)

Lace goes to NYC

S&L Brunch Buffet Favorite

Ooh lala! We love the brunch buffet at the Halekulani... the chocolate station is DELICIOUS, with fresh strawberries and tons of other sweets to smother in chocolate!

We had an amazing meal with MYJUI, look out for him in the Adventures of Shimmer & Lace!